Thank you for your Love

Dear friend,

I know you’ve had a hard life. It’s hard to believe because I know all you’ve wanted is love. When we met you were a mess and I can’t say that’s I liked you very much our interactions were short and few and far between. You were matted and smelled of strange substances. I wanted nothing to do with you. You’ve been kicked, you’ve been thrown. I’m not surprised anymore that you always tried to run away I’d run away too if I was treated like you. I guess in a way I have been and that why I relate to you so much. You only want love you think all those awful things were love because it’s all you’ve known.  You were brought here it’s out of your control, but you’re often forgotten. You’re yelled at and called names when you just want to cuddle and now I’m sympathetic. Now I only want to give you love because it’s what you deserve. You nap next to me you dance with me and you’re happy to see me. I think you might have me trained once I walk through the door. It’s okay you make me happy. I think I make you happy too. You and your funny sounds and annoying habits you’ve purred your way to my heart and I don’t want it any other way. I don’t want any harm to come to you. You’re not mine, but I am yours. That sounds so romantic, but it’s sorta sad. Thank you for you presence. Thank you for your love.

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