Dear 2017

Dear 2017,

I’m so happy that you’re finally here, because it makes me feel optimistic. I don’t know what’s in store for me, but I’m hopeful that you’re full of positivity and happiness. I believe I’ve kicked myself off to a good start and I wish to maintain this momentum. I have amazing friends that are all busy with their own lives, but still take the time to keep up with each other. We lift each other up, because that’s what we all deserve. I think it’s so important that we’ve all grown and matured together and support each other. 6 months ago I felt so alone and uncertain. I was a pile of broken pieces that felt impossible to put back together. If you were to read my past posts they’re all  about heartbreak and fear that I’ll never be who I want to be. I’ve started to put those impossible pieces together and I’m enjoying the outcome so far. Normally, I don’t make New years resolutions, because I fear that my perspective will change within the year. Often a lot does change, but this year I want things to change in a positive way. I want to become the things I’m always afraid to be.

Here are my spiritual resolutions for this year:

  • Be happy and healthy
  • Support my future (Save money)
  • Find my next path
  • Appreciate the people that love me

As for my superficial resolutions:

  • Spend more time reflecting on myself (bullet journaling, blogging)
  • Take more pictures
  • Listen to more music and podcast
  • Stop caring what others are thinking about me.
  • Post more to Social Media

I think if I put my goals and wishes out into the universe I will get back what I deserve. Hopefully what I deserve are good things.

So here’s to you 2017 . Sending you my hopes and dreams.


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