Hello Howdy Welcome Friends,

My name is Aretha. I am really bad at introducing myself and I think that’s a good way to start. I’m 23 living in Canada. I am not currently a student, but I plan on going back to university to obtain my degree in Sociology.

Anyway, along with an interest in studying social inequalities, and a passion for feminist ideals. I have a growing interest in sexual education, sex, sexuality and gender politics and I want to share my perspective and experiences with anyone who what’s to read about it. Adding to my perspective  I work at a Sex toy shop in Edmonton and I spend most of my days talking about sex and toys and overall health in relation.I want to add to the voices of women of colour in the sex education and blogging communities. Hopefully in the future I will be a sex and relationship counsellor for other young women and women of colour. I feel it is important and comforting to be able to talk to someone who understands and has gone through similar life experiences. There definitely aren’t enough voices out there. Representation matters.

My plan for this blog are some Toy Reviews, Personal essays and Advice from my perspective and whatever I discover in the process about sexual positivity, body positivity and all the things about life as I live it. I want to share it all.

Lastly, as I’ve been writing this my roommate and best friend is sitting across from me and thought of this poem while looking out the window. So I’ll leave you with it until next time.

Thanks Friends.


“Leaves, there are many,

yet, many derive from one.




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