Review: Non-Stick Willy Frying Pan

IMG_1514I figured I’d start off with something silly. My friends went on a trip to Iceland for a few days and didn’t take me with them, but did bring me back a gift! Of course it had to be something from The Icelandic Phallological museum.  Penises everywhere! My gift was the “Willy Frying pan”! I squealed in excitement over the box when she placed it in my hands. We sell similar ones at The Love boutique, and they sparked my curiosity, but I hadn’t considered buying one. Think about it though it’s pretty silly penis shaped eggs!?!! It’s the perfect little gag gift that also makes the perfect little breakfast in a tiny penis shape.

I couldn’t wait to try it out obviously. So for breakfast first thing the next day I sliced up some bread, turned on the stove and oiled up the pan with some E.v.o and cracked an egg into it. The pan heated up quickly it’s not very big about 4-6 inches all the way around with a fairly sturdy wooden handle. So it didn’t take very long for the egg to start cooking. The sides started to cook quickly and bubbled up so I was afraid they might over cook and turned down the heat for the egg to cook slower.


In the end the non-stick part of the pan pretty worked well as long as it’s oiled first, but unlike the instructions stated to use a wooden or plastic utensil. I used a metal spoon and it scratch the non-stick layer in some places. Oops! Cooking overall the egg didn’t cook evenly or completely through. The whites of the eggs cooked well, but the yoke was much runnier than I would have liked. I couldn’t leave it to cook any longer, because the bottom was starting to brown and I didn’t want it to burn. Taste-wise it was a fried egg… No difference just because it was penis shaped come on.

So that’s my review for the Willy Frying Pan from the Icelandic Phallological museum. It’s a fun little gag gift that works if you’re careful with it, and like a runny yoke.  6/10 imaginary points!

See you next time friends!

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