Review: Some Lubes.

Over some time I’ve accumulated quite a few different lubes some good and not so good. I also received small samples of intimate earth IMG_1526products from work and have been testing them out with my partner as well as alone. I’ll stick with only the lubes from that line . Intimate earth also carries clitoral stimulating serum,g-spot stimulating serum, anal relaxing serum, and a tightening gel.   Other lubes I own are ones that I bought before being more knowledgeable of what’s good and what’s mediocre, but never really used them much.



Intimate Earth

They current have three flavoured lubes. (Not Pictured) Three water-based and two silicone ones. IMG_E1534Everything from this company is organic and plant-based so it’s vegan friendly too. You don’t have to worry about parabens or yeast infection causing glycerin.

The first one I tried was Soothe the water-based anal formula. It smells like guava bark extract which is in to provide a bacteria killing property beneficial for anal sex. The scent isn’t very strong I had to hold my nose up to it to get a good whiff. The lube itself is a thicker formula than the other water based ones because it’s an anal lube it’s not a solid gel, but it’s not super runny and glides out and on very smoothly. I didn’t find myself needed to reapply or add more, but I did use it on a plug so it might be different when there’s more movement or friction involved. In the end the best thing was there was no gross sticky bum feeling!

Rating: 6/10 imaginary lube points!

Next I tried Defense. Right off the bat it was really runny. I don’t know if that because they add tea tree oil to it so to dilute it they add more water, but right away it was unexpectedly dripping down my hand. A huge difference from Soothe. The smell of the tea tree was definitely there but not over powering. When I put it on I felt a little stinging on my vulva, but that may have also been, because just took a shower and what’s the femme equivalent to “manscaping” because that. So other than being runny it dried up really quickly and I had to keep re-applying until the sample was all out. The best thing was clean up was really quick.

Rating: 6/10 imaginary lube points!

Last out of the samples I tried was Hydra. There’s no strong smell to it, it had a hint of guava bark, but it wasn’t as strong as Soothe, but had a similar scent. It was more slick not as runny as Defense, but not as thick as Soothe. I didn’t feel any stinging, but it was kind of sticky. It worked well with a toy it didn’t dry quickly an I didn’t have to keep reapplying it, but when it did dry up it got a little tacky. Cleaning up was quick as easy as well, but so is most water-base.

Rating: I give it 8/10 imaginary lube points!

ID Lube


Next up ID Lubes I only have a couple, but they have a  line of water-base and silicone lubes including one that’s a hybrid of both and a large variety of water-based flavoured lubes as well. I’ve been told pryer to actually using ID that they tend to get very sticky and tacky and I was very reluctant to try them, but my curiosity got the best of me and I bought a small bottle of the Tingling Sensation lube.  Before writing this review I had tried it out a few times, but was very disappointed in the results. The tingling sensation barely feels like anything. I felt a slight “tingle” (but it was more of a cooling feeling) and it was probably the third or forth time using it. The feeling only lasted a few seconds before it faded and it was basically just a regular lube with an extra name.

Rating: A fair 4/10 Imaginary Lube points! For not doing what It said it would.

After purchasing the Tingling sensation I realized I had a different ID Lube Glide Natural Feel at home. I had never used it for some reason, but I had my chance now to really know what it’s all about. Although now my expectations were low.


I was expecting it to feel sticky right away, but I was surprised it came out of the tube fairly quickly without squeezing hard and got all over my hand, but it had a nice glide to it. The name is accurate it blended nicely with my natural lubrication and lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, but still gets a lot stickier than the all natural lubes when it dries up. I was pleasantly surprised.

Rating: 9/10 Imaginary Lube points!

Moist Anal Lube Long Lasting formula. Moist it made by Pipedream a widely known


adult products brand. They have quite a few different flavoured and different formula lubes on their site, but I’ve only ever seen this kind. I bought this at the same time I purchased the ID natural. I bought it because someone I knew told me good things about it and I was expecting good results, but I should have known better looking that the bottle that something so watery would be and awful anal formula.It’s water-based which it great for playing with silicone toys, but as soon as I  put it on it’s like it’s not even there it dries up so quickly. WHICH IS THE WORST FOR ANAL LUBE. Nothing about this lube it great except for the pump. I was very disappointed and the name is off putting.

Rating: 3/10 Imaginary lubes points!




I never really used lube for last year and now I have this odd collection. KY Personal Lubricant was the first one that I bought from the drugstore. It says right on the bottle its a jelly is and definitely feels that way coming out. It’s looks like a goopy blob which I also think is weird for a water-based lube.IMG_1529 It’s sticky, but it has a decent glide to it. I noticed when it dries rather than the usual sticky feeling it leaves a gross film on me and on my toys and that just added to the reasons I don’t used it or recommend drugstore brands.

Rating: 4/10 imaginary lube points!





Okay last one. Doc Johnson Mood Silicone it felt more like a sticky goopy moisturizer that didn’t blend into the skin. Like Moist lube it comes with an easy to use pump that it oozes out of very smoothly. It makes the skin vary shiny, but the slick, slipperiness of a good lube was missing in action. I kept trying to rub it in because it felt like lotion. Not to compare it to water based lubes it wins in the long lasting factor for sure, but I had to apply a lot for it to feel “right” and even then it still felt like something was off.

Rating: 5/10 imaginary lube points!



That’s it that’s my review of all the lubes I currently own. I know there will probably be more reviews to come as my

collection grows. And there are quite a few other I want to try. So look out.

If you have anything to say leave a comment I’m happy to hear it.

Until next time See you friends!

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