She Wants More.

Disclaimer: This is an erotic story I wrote to submit into a contest. I don’t usually write erotica, but I thought I might take my shot at it. So here it is.


I made my way downstairs to the bedroom after saying goodbye to all of Darcy’s friends. She took her time to join me getting us each a glass of water and cleaning up. I turned on Netflix and started to get comfortable changing into my silk nightgown and getting under the covers to watch Grand Budapest Hotel. Darcy finally made her way down and handed me my drink with a sly smirk on her face. She placed her drink on the nightstand and started to take her clothes off slowly as I watched. She was wearing my favourite shirt that I had picked out for her and took it off last as I absentmindedly nibbled my lip. She took her time taking off her bra one strap falling off the shoulder and unclasped the hooks at the back. GBH played softly in the background, but I definitely had stopped paying attention.

Darcy crawled into bed next to me and a chill trickled down my spin. I couldn’t stop imagining kissing her body. She leaned in and gave me a kiss and I got a taste of her minty fresh breath, which turned me on even more. She pulled my face in closer for a longer kiss lingering at my bottom lip ending with a nibble before pulling away and letting out a cute little giggle. I smiled and looked back towards the TV and we watched, but we were obviously both distracted. I could see her looking at me in my peripheral and a smile grew on my face again. I turned and looked right at her staring into her pale green eyes as I moved closer to her and kissed her cheek gently and moved towards her lips, chin and nibbled at her neck. She let out a soft moan as I continued down towards her chest and started to kiss and lick her nipple making it harder and sucking at it. Darcy moaned louder as my right hand moved over to her other breast and teased her other nipple. I softly kissed my way to her other nipple where my hand was just playing and teased it with my tongue. I massaged her breast and pinched her nipple lightly and she mumbled, “Fuck” under her breath. She exhaled and her hips thrusted in a moment of joyous teasing pain.

I took that as an indicator that she wanted more. So I stopped and her head rose in confusion. My hand glided down the left side of her body and across to her inner thighs. As I leaned in to kiss her I pressed my palm against her vulva and she pressed back. My hand started to move up and down with the rhythm of her hips and I moved to her neck again I lifted my head slightly and asked her to take her underwear off. She nodded and I grabbed both sides of her underwear and started to pull them down and off. She lifted her hips for me bringing her pussy closer to my face. I let out a little laugh as we struggled momentarily. Finally, once they were off and tossed to the floor I placed myself over her one hand place on her crotch not moving and staring deep into her eyes. “What would you like next?” I said leaning in to kiss her neck and chest again. She tilted her hip into my hand again and I place my finger between her lips and my finger found her clit. I rubbed it slowly in small circles as her hips moved with me and she let out soft moans. As she began to moan louder I moved my fingers faster and with a little more force her breaths became shorter and her body tensed up leading up to a sigh of release. I slowed to a stop and she looked at me with a pleasure filled smile. I moved carefully moved my finger inside her “Do you like that?” I said as I moved it in and out “Oh yes” she panted still catching her breath. I began to curve my fingers and move faster in a “come hither” fashion to hit just the right spot. I knew it was the right spot because I felt her tighten around my fingers and her thighs clench “FUU CCK YES” she turned her face into the pillow to muffle her screams as she came again. I removed my fingers slowly and she grabbed my face and pulled me in to kiss her again. The expression on her face was tired and satisfied, but she obviously wanted more.

She reached passed me to the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out her soft black cuffs and handed them to me. ” I want you to chain me up and do whatever you want to me. ” “Whatever I want?” I questioned. She nodded. “You know the word”. I took her wrist and place the strap on it. I threaded the other side around the bedpost and strapped her other hand into it. I reached over to the drawer again and pulled out the blindfold, pink vibe and lube. I placed the little black blindfold over her eyes and lifted her head to tie it on. I laid the vibrator and the lube next to her and got up from the bed. Standing at the edge of the bed I watched her lay there for a moment helpless and wanting. It turned me on so much I could feel my own wetness between my legs. I picked up the vibe and turned it on next to her ear. I placed it on her shoulder and slowly dragged it down her arm, across her breasts and down past her belly button. She could only let out the slightest “Ohhh” sound as I placed some lube on the vibe and pressed the tip against her clit. As I moved the toy down I brought my face down with it replacing the vibrating toy with my tongue. She let out a high-pitched moan as I thrusted the toy inside her and pressed my tongue to her clit. Her body clenched and the cuffs raddled as she tried to move her arms. “You can’t get out remember? I’m in control.” I said slyly lifting my tongue away for a moment. I continued, moving the toy in and out of her and my tongue and mouth working her clit. She moved with me faster and faster thrusting herself into both the toy and me harder. We both moaned in sync with pleasure as her body writhed around uncontrollably. I pulled away slowly turning off the vibrations. Satisfied with myself for satisfying her.

She lay there for a moment trying to catch her breath legs shaking. I reached up pulled off the blindfold and untied the cuffs setting her free. I laid down next to her and wrapped my leg around hers and stared at her until she was also looking at me. “Fuck you’re so hot.” she said through her breaths. “I’m hot, what about you? I’m dripping wet just watching you come” She smiled and said. “I think it’s your turn next.”  I giggled and looked over at the TV the credits were rolling.

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