Review: Satisfyer Pro 2: Next Generation

It’s always better to do your research before you make the decision to buy anything. I fortunately and unfortunately did not. Fortunately, I knew about The Satisfyer from work and selling it to people with mostly positive feedback. Unfortunately, I didn’t look up any reviews before making my own purchase.


For those of you unfamiliar with The Satisfyer brand, they are one of a few companies that specialize in “suction” toys specifically for the clitoris. Womanizer was the first company to come out with these types of toys and Satisfyer followed suit. The easiest way to explain how it works is describing it as suction, but really it is an air pressure or pulsation. They work by creating the sensation of sucking to mimic cunnilingus. The store that I work at sells one version of both of these toys, but they have drastically different prices in store ranging from $130 for the Satisfyer to $300 for the Womanizer and claims of orgasms within 3 minutes. Dangerous Lilly has a very detailed comparison of all the different versions.  You can also get The Satisfyer online from SheVibe for signifcantly less. I chose to buy the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, because of the more affordable price and peer pressure by a co-worker who swears by the suction technology and barely uses anything else. She claimed it would change my world.  She and I were sadly mistaken.

I purchased my Satisfyer pro after I had accumulated some Telbucks earned at work as incentives. I was struggling, because there were so many options and I had no idea what to get. When I asked for a suggestion my co-workers reminded me of the Satisfyer. I debated with myself for a while thinking about the times at work that I’ve shown or talked about it to customers and how curious I was about if and how it actually worked as it was described. Finally, I caved and spent my Telbucks on it and a clitoral stimulation gel from Intimate earth. When I got home I put the toy to charge for a while and forgot about it while I tended to my neglected house chores. After an hour or so of cleaning I decided to reward myself with a little masturbation session with my new toy expecting it to be quick and mindblowing. Turning it on I pressed it to my clit and left it there, expecting results right away, but I quickly found myself increasing the levels all the way up to 11: the highest setting. I found that the higher the setting the more vibrations I felt in the tip. img_1656That’s when I had the overwhelming uncontrollable sensation and beads of sweat on my brow. My first orgasm was within the first two minutes just like people have said before. I found I couldn’t resist the urge to move the toy around, but if I did it would move away from my clit resulting in the loud almost unsettling pulsing sound that the toy makes and ultimately a loss of sensation/ arousal. If I refrained from touching the toy my body would tense up and my breath would quicken in preparation to climax although it took longer than expected. I had a strong feeling like I was almost there, but nothing was happening yet. When I did orgasm I also had an overwhelming sense that I was going to squirt and that made it even more exciting and intense when I did. For my first experience with the Satisfyer the orgasms, because it was so different and foreign, were incredible.

My disappointment came when I tried using it a little more regularly. I don’t use toys all the time, but the initial excitement of a new one always brings forth a little over use. I found that each time I used the Satisfyer the less incredible the sensations and orgasms I felt. Leading to me describing it to myself and to my co-workers, surprise, as boring. Even when I added the clitoral stimulation serum my orgasms suffered in comparison to the first time. In an attempt to redeem the Satisfyer I decided to try the waterproof feature. Although, I was sceptical of how much it would change my views I drew a bath and got down to business. Surprised again by more intense sensation the toy lived up to the claim that they work better under water. It’s likely that the water adds extra stimulation with the pulsations.



Since then I’ve used the Satisfyer a few more times sporadically to help solidify my feelings towards it. In the end I would say it was worth the purchase for myself, because I am interested in having a wide range of toys to choose from, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone as a first toy purchase. If you are thinking about making a similar purchase for yourself I do have a few recommendations.


  1. Between the Womanizer and the Satisfyer. Womanizer is definitely a better quality toy. And originally came out with the “pressure pulse” technology possibly perfecting it better than Satisfyer.
  2. If you’re unsure if you’d like the “suction” sensation, but what to try it without spending $130-$300. Satisfyer 1 is a way cheaper battery operated version that you could purchase to test it out before you make a bigger purchase.
  3. If you are purchasing one of these toys in my experience don’t look at is as something to use on a regular basis.
  4. If you’re a bathtub or shower masturbator I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I would definitely say my opinion and experience with the Satisfyer had outside influences, which is unfortunate. If this is the first review you’ve read of it. I wouldn’t only consider my opinion of it. Definitely check out some others review of other Satisfyer and womanizers products. I read these during my more in depth research, which was after my purchase.

That’s all I have to say about The Satisfyer for now. Until next time friends!

Girly Juice has an amazing review of The Satisfyer Pro 2.

Red Hot Suz has a great review of the first generation Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Dangerous Lilly has the Womanizer vs. Satisfyer comparison and reviews of each.


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