November Sweet November


November has been pretty busy for me even though it honestly doesn’t feel like much yet, because I have so much more coming once school starts. Here’s a break down of what I’ve been up to this past month.

Sex things

October ended with a breakup and a quick start to a new relationship.Which also ended quickly. I made the decision to start exploring my feelings on polyamory and I started seeing a few people who are also polyamorous. Some of which are still going on and others that fizzled quickly due to incompatibility, but I think it’s going well and I’ve been pretty happy. Along with new relationships I’ve been more curious of what kinks I might be interested in. I’ve discovered my fascination with certain words and phrases during sex. Exploring the different ones that arouse me, and also the ones that turn me off and why that might be. It was the topic of one of The Dildorks podcast episodes that I listened to at the beginning of the month and it stuck with me. I’m enjoying my exploration of words that gets me off. Other than words I got a new toy too a wand by calexotics and I’ve been a little obsessed. I may or may not have picture of me pretending it’s a microphone. And I’m in the process of writing a review of it. I’ve also been exploring rope play and impact play which included a lot of reading at work and some participation with a play partner. Aside from new kinks I wrote a post about exploring masturbation and while I’m still exploring myself I recently purchased the Good Vibrations guide: The G spot. It’s a small book so it was a quick read with a lot of info emphasizing the differences people experience with G spot stimulation. Most of it are things I already knew, but still a fun read and I appreciate any knowledge I can get.



There were quite a few events happening this month. I’ve decided to volunteer for a few different things. Starting with an orientation night for the HIV Edmonton which I was really happy to participate and learn from. I had an event where I was supposed to volunteer at near the end of the month, but I missed it and I was really upset. I screwed the pooch on that one. The next event I went to was the Taboo naughty but nice sex show which I thought I wouldn’t get the chance to go to. A friend of mine surprised me with a visit and luckily we made it there for a few hours. There were booths filled with awesome toys and some not so awesome. There were very talented dancers and strippers on stage (they didn’t actual get naked though) and I had a blast seeing toys I’ve never seen and a really cool rope suspension demo. I was so excited and so happy I probably annoyed the crap out of my friend, but it was incredible. I wish I had more money and more time to spend there. Closer to the end of the month one of the sexual health centres here in Edmonton hosted a sex trivia night and some friends from my sex geek group planned to go together. I thought it was a great opportunity for a second date so I brought someone along with me which made me super nervous, but everyone was super inviting and our team won second place and only lost by 2 points! So I did good for a second date and I had a lot of fun.

Other things.

Even though is probably seems like it to people that know me sex related things aren’t the only things going on in my life. I’ve been filing my psyche with music this month I re-dowloaded Spotify and made a playlist where I mostly listen to Sza and Solange. There is some Sam Smith in there too. My favourite song this month is “Sweet November” by Sza I find it very fitting. I’ve also been spending a lot of time getting to know some friends one on one and I find it very fulfilling spending individual time outside of our regular group settings and I appreciate that. I also put some goddess braids in my hair for a week and obsessed over how cute I looked. Lastly, myself and a group of my friends started a crafting company dedicated to making affordable homemade home decor. They’re all very cute and I love being a part of that with my friends I hope to share more about that with you later when we’ve got it all ready.


Next month

December is starting and I know I will be even busier working and getting ready for the holidays and school, but I also hope I find time to write more and keep up with my mental wellness and mindfulness. I was lacking in keeping myself balanced near the end of November and it has been a little overwhelming to feel that loss of peace and control. I’m excited to see where these upcoming months will take me and I’m so grateful for what I do have so far. I even posted a photo on instagram of my affirmations to remind myself I’m doing okay.

Until next time friends. I hope your December is filled with happiness, celebrations and peace. ❤️

and Gingerbread mmm

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