Review: Lelo Sona


Have you ever had someone go down on you and you know it feels good, but they’re just not getting it right?

That’s the Lelo Sona for me. I never thought my clit could be tickled, but it can and it has. Let me tell it is not pleasant. The Sona hits the spot, like really it’s hitting my clit, but it’s still has no idea how to get me over the edge. The first time I used it I kept repeating “Oh oh oh almost…” and then nothing.

So if you haven’t heard of the Lelo Sona or Sona Cruise. It’s Lelo’s version of the Womanizer and Satisfyer, which I previously reviewed, but they added their own twist and style as Lelo does. The Sona is definitely a cute toy. It comes in Pink, Cerise, and black and had a likeness to the Satisfyer Penguin. Although, I haven’t tried the Penguin I can imagine the Sona doesn’t measure up in efficiency as the OG’s.

Lelo describes the Sona as using “sonar” to penetrate deep to the internal parts (legs) of the clitoris. Sonar waves makes me think the Sona is a dolphin trying to communicate with my clit to achieve orgasm, but somewhere along the lines was some awful miscommunication and they just keep swimming right on by each other. The Sona has a little hole meant to place the clit into and a little pad moving back an forth making the suction and air pressure motions just like other suction toys. Unlike the others and I don’t know if this makes a difference – the Sona is one whole piece of silicone with no separate pieces. You can’t change anything about it to customize it, like some of the Womanizers with different sized pieces. The Sona is what it is. And it is too much for me.


Using the Sona is pretty easy there are three buttons. + to turn it on and increase intensity. ∞ to go through the seven modes and – to turn down the intensity and turn it off. After trying the steady increasing modes (+ and -) I thought maybe the different modes(∞) would change the way I feeling about it. I hoped there would be some redeeming quality. Oh boy, I was so very wrong. Right away each mode was at the highest intensity and the first three are just increasing speed pulsations hitting my clit annoyingly instead of teasing, which I think was the intent. My leg would not stop twitching, because of it. If those were the legs that Lelo was referring to they got it one hundo, but I don’t appreciate intense leg twitching while I’m trying to orgasm. One of the modes was interesting only because it sounded like it was playing me a song. It was hardly a redeeming quality though.

Lelo also made another version of the Sona, a more expensive version called the Sona Cruise, which is supposed to be different. They look pretty much the same. I think maybe they made a second version, because they realized they fucked up the first one after it was too late. Hopefully they made some worth while improvements, because the Sona is pretty much a mess I know a few other people that have it and feel the same way.

So if you’re looking for a recommendation I honestly wouldn’t really recommend this one. Better luck next time Lelo. If you do want to try the Lelo Sona for yourself and get in some leg twitching exercise you can order it from Shevibe.

Until next time friends.

Have you tried the Lelo Sona? What did you think? Leave a comment.

All opinions are definitely my own. Not sponsored.

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