Review: Fun Factory Tiger G5

I’m a big fan of Fun Factory. I’ve had my eye on the Tiger G5 for a while, and now I have it! I’m so excited to write a review about it. Fun Factory is a German company that manufactures and focuses on body-safe, medical grade silicone toys for everyone to use. Along with cool-looking vibrators, they have a beautiful line of menstrual cups. They even have a series of pulsators that they engineered using tech from NASA. Those are just the neatest lazy masturbation toys.

Anyway, I’m not here to review pulsators today.



The Fun Factory Tiger G5 vibrator is pretty bomb. The one I have is teal and white, but I’ve seen them in the all black series as well as pink/red and purple. They also have a similar looking dildo of the same name that is all black. The Tiger vibrator is ribbed for added pleasure, and the head of the toy has an extra bulb, resembling a penis for G-Spot stimulation . It’s about 8.5 inches in length, with just over 6 inches of insertable length, and 1.5 inches across.  It is made of a beautiful, velvety-feeling medical grade silicone, which is best used with a water-based lube. It is squishy and super flexible, making it easy and fun to maneuver and move with the body. Additionally, it is good for adding pressure to the G-spot when needed.

The motor in the toy is strong and delightfully rumbly. It has 12 settings: 6 speeds and 6 different patterns for teasing and other fun activities.Once powered on, the default setting is the 3rd speed. I tend to always turn it right up to the 6th speed, because I like me some power babby. The handle, made with ABS plastic, has three buttons and a perfect little finger loop to help make it easy to hold on to. The buttons are: (FUN) to turn it on and off, and (+) and (-) to alternate through the vibration patterns (and speeds?). It has a useful travel lock for easy, subtle storage in your carry on. Just hold down (FUN) and (-) to lock and (FUN) and (+) to unlock it.


As nice and rumbly as the vibrations are, I’m not the biggest fan of internal vibration. For that reason, I will sometimes just turn it off altogether and use it sans vibration, or (combine it with?) another toy like the Ultimate Wand or Satisfyer on my clit. The Tiger has a little nub meant for external stimulation, but the issue with the nub is that it is tiny and has no reach in it; there’s no way it would reach my clit when it’s fully inserted. The only way I’ve felt it is while bending it so it curved upwards towards my clit. Even then it doesn’t add much pleasure, only frustration for what could have been. In addition to the bit that falls short of my bits, the ribbing basically does nothing for me (maybe I’m just not as sensitive to the sensation). I find that when it’s lubed up, the only part I can absolutely feel is the bulb at the end pushing against my G-spot. When I am in the right position, the bulb is perfect for getting just the right pressure to make me squirt.

An awesome feature about Fun Factory is that each of their products have picture labels on the box to demonstrate safe ways to use their toys, as well as whether they’re waterproof and/or rechargeable (this toy is both)! It charges with the two tiny metal pieces on the bottom, and because the entire toy is sealed and uses magnets to charge, it’s also waterproof! Additionally, the pictures include a cute little bum to indicate that it is safe for anal play. This is where the nub comes in at its full potential. It’ll stop the toy from getting lost in your bum and adds stimulation to the perineum, which is more fun for everyone.

Overall, The Fun Factory Tiger G5 is a great toy for internal stimulation. It boasts a good length, size, and shape! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a silicone G-spot vibrator that is both flexible and has strong, rumbly vibes.

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