Review: Avant D3 by Blush Novelties

Hello friends,

This has been a long time coming and I have a new review for you. This is one I’ve been a little anxious to write. Which is silly, because it’s great!

Peepshow sent me the Avant D3 by Blush novelties. My friends have named it the popsicle dildo, and I think that’s pretty accurate.  My first impression was excellent, in regards to the colour and the size of the toy.  It is kind of intimidating at first glance; when I took it out of the packaging it had an unexpected weight to it that made me giggle with excitement of how it might feel. The shape intrigued me as well, as it has a bulbous head, which is ideal for g-spot stimulation. It also has a couple rounded mounds and near the base of the toy there is an indent that kind of looks like lips. The base of the toy has an incredible suction cup that I immediately stuck to the wall and had to take a picture of.


The specs: It’s made of a firm body-safe silicone, and it is best used with water-based lubes. It is 8″ in length, 7″ insertable and 1.75″ girth at the largest point. The head is sort of square with a slant, making inserting easier. The suction cup is so strong, 1″ in length and also wide enough that it’s harness compatible (I was actually able to stick it on my forehead and become a dildo unicorn! But I won’t post a picture of that).

The most exciting part was actually getting to use the toy. I can be sort of a size queen when it comes to toys (I just like big toys) and I am loving the width of the head of the D3. The tip has a very prominent bulbous shape, which is a filling and intense feeling, also giving a shockingly pleasurable sensation when it goes in and out fully. Length wise, I could never get it in fully, but gosh darn it did I try.  The rounded mounds add extra sensation, but not to the extent of the prominent head of the toy. As for the “lips”, the vertical bumps near the bottom seem kind of useless to me, but I couldn’t get much of a feel because it was a little too long for me in the first place (I even tried different positions).


All in all, I love the D3 and definitely recommend it for your toy collection! The colouring, the head, and the suction cup are all a great combo of features.  If  you like a larger toy and you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself you can get the Avant D3 here on peepshows website.

Hope you enjoyed my review. There are more coming soon! Leave a like and a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time friends,



Peepshow sent me this product in exchange for an honest review all comments and opinions are my own.

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