Hello! It’s been a while eh?

I’ll be honest, I had a lot of trouble writing this review; it’s been collecting dust in my drafts, because I kept trying to give this product another chance. I wanted to like the Elvie so badly, but it just didn’t cut it for me. Therefore,I sort of avoided it for a while and this review is a short one. Let me tell you a bit about it, before I get into the nitty gritty.


The Elvie is a Bluetooth Kegel exerciser. It comes in a cute little box with a case that also charges it, and it’s waterproof. The idea is to train and strengthen your PC muscles or your pelvic muscles with the ability to track your progress through an app on your phone. You advance through levels, do fun little exercises, and create a schedule that reminds you when to use it. Visually, it’s very cute; I found myself immediately drawn to the pastel green-themed colour and design. I also noted, despite the cuteness, that the packaging and app design was overly gendered. I’m not a huge fan of specification of gender on products. For example, this device is not as welcoming to all persons with vaginas.


The other issues I have with the Elvie that make me not want to use it regularly are as follows. Firstly, the Bluetooth isn’t strong enough to work while I’m standing. It also it won’t work with my legs closed even slightly. So, every time I went to use it I had to lie in bed or on the floor with my legs spread apart and my phone on the lower part of my belly just to get a connection. It’s not very convenient for a plus size person and also not an efficient way to practice Kegels. When I did get it to work, I kept getting warnings that I was pushing down instead of squeezing, which was confusing and frustrating to try to correct. I think a product like this should be more inclusive of body diversity. It seems to be catering exclusively to a generalized body type. Even looking at the website, the women they show are all thin and conventionally built. It’s fair to say that this added substantially to my frustration. However I don’t have any suggestions as to how they could fix a poor Bluetooth connection.

Initially, I tried a few different strategies with the Elvie that did not work, leading me to think I was doing something wrong. I made sure the battery was fully charged and I tried the extra part that fits over the inserted part to make it bigger, neither of which helped it work properly. It was my body that wasn’t right for the exerciser; that was a really discouraging discovery.

Overall, I think the Elvie is a great idea, and a useful product to have around to help advance your muscle control. If the Bluetooth connectivity is an issue you think you’d have. I think the Elvie was definitely made with a certain body type in mind and lacks the ability to work with diverse body types.

Thank you to everyone reading for being patient with me while I try to figure out the future of this blog and take some time for myself.

I was sent the Elvie by Spectrum Boutique in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Spectrum Boutique. Click the link if you’d like to purchase an Elvie for yourself.  Also, check them out for a variety of other products.

Until next time, friends.

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