Vibease By Vibease

Happy almost Fall everyone! I have a few new things coming your way for the rest of 2019 so look out. Over the summer I’ve been collecting some new toys to review and I’m getting ready for some updates. I did a few mini un-boxings on my Instagram story as a preview, so feel free to check out my highlights if you want to know what I plan on reviewing next. I’m so excited for what’s to come this fall!

On the roster for today is the Vibease sent to me by I was very intrigued when I was contacted to write a review, because I honestly love the idea of Bluetooth controlled toys. It’s similar to the new WeVibe Moxie and also has similarities to old school pantie vibes that you may have seen featured in movies and at sex shops for years, but it has it’s own unique differences. Vibease is an app operated toy that you can control from anywhere and it can also sync up to custom erotic audio-books that their app provides.


Before I get to the review let me tell you a little about They are a start-up hardware (toys) and software (app)company established in 2011. They have three toys that are app controlled and their the first company to create this type of feature. The Vibease and the Esthesia are their most popular products, but they also have the smart lipstick vibe that’s voice operated. Their website was pretty easy to navigate with their feature product the Vibease as the first product you encounter. I want to point out that the focus is on “female” orgasms- it is very gendered so it’s possible that exploring this site might be triggering to anyone looking for gender affirming toys. I try to pay attention to details like this when I’m reviewing toys, because I want everyone to know where they are included regardless of gender.

Although I was intrigued, honestly I’m a little skeptical about using Bluetooth sex toys. Like I said before, I love the idea of them, but as a fat person toys like this aren’t always geared towards thicker body types. I know it’s not intentional, but you have to look out for all bodies, and I’ve got thick thighs that seem to block the Bluetooth signals very easily. I previously reviewed the Elvie Bluetooth Kegel exerciser,and even though I was excited, it was a struggle to get it to work as it should.

The Vibease was a pleasant surprise. The packaging is reminiscent of a smart phone box with all the features laid out, including that it’s rechargeable (which lasts up to 3 hours!). It’s also waterproof and has a self sealing charging port. It was a little smaller than what I was expecting, but that made sense because it’s supposed to fit in your underwear!  Made of a smooth and soft silicone, the toy fit right in my palm. The Vibease comes in pink (which I chose) and purple, which I recognize as a gendered feature as they are conventional “female” colours. The Vibease is about 3 inches long, 3/4 of an inch at the top and 1 1/4 inch at the bottom. It has a pointed mound for pinpoint clitoral stimulation and two button functions; power and vibration, so if you’d like to use it without the app control you can. The vibration settings are pretty strong for such a little toy. The vibration felt like an in between of ‘buzzy’ and ‘rumbly’- which was really quite interesting  because I felt a deeper sensation than what I was expecting from such something so tiny. On the very bottom is a little self sealing for charging, which accommodates a small and long charging cord. Both are included with the toy, which is a really nice feature.










The app function to the toy was very cool to use. I downloaded the app, created an account and connected it to the toy. It had five sections to choose from; left to right from “Fantasy” where your downloaded audiobooks are stored.  The app has a few ambient sounds already downloaded-“Beach play”, “Peaceful and Fun”  and “Fun in the rain”. Next, “Store” where you choose from the exclusive audiobooks. I downloaded all the intriguing free audiobooks, but they also have ones you can purchase with credits from the app. If you’re interested in downloading some of those I encourage it- the free ones are only a preview of the content, and we should always pay artists for their work! There is “Quick play” in the middle, which is symbolized by the Vibease heart. In this option I tested out the controls while holding it in my hand.



Speed is along the left side of the screen and strength is along the bottom. Depending on how you move around the screen, the vibrations increase and decrease speed and strength. The “Chat” feature lets you talk with your partners as they control the vibrator. I didn’t explore this feature, because I don’t currently have anyone I’m comfortable using it with. Lastly “More” for settings, custom vibrations, and your account profile.

I was really excited to test out the audiobook feature I’m not a huge fan of audiobooks,  I tend to lose interest and get distracted, but I was curious about how the stories connected with the vibrations. The first audiobook I listened to was “Quick study” about a hot jock, flirting with a fellow classmate. At first, it was kind of silly to listen to, but once it got into the story it became more explicit and was definitely a turn on. In a few of the audiobooks, the vibrations stayed at a steady pace and didn’t change much, but others really followed the incline of arousal- which makes it feel like a unique experience and really draws you into the plot.

As for how the vibrator worked with me and my body- more often than not I found myself moving the vibrator around to find a good spot, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Although, if this was something that I wanted to walk around using, it wouldn’t really stay in a good spot to reach climax, but more so increase arousal. The vibrations were strong and have a wide variety, so it’s great for teasing, but it’s still quiet! The Bluetooth connection was better than what I have experienced in other toys. It would disconnect if I moved my phone too far away, but it was so much better at staying connected during play. If you are walking around while using it, remember to keep your phone close to you!

I had a great experience using the Vibease and I think it’s a fun toy to have around if you want to change up your method of arousal. It’s tough to say who I’d recommend this to, as The Vibease is particularly marketed towards vaginal orgasms and womxn. For example, the audiobooks were mostly heterosexual with a few lesbian and bisexual stories, with more often then not male voices. I honestly think with it’s shape you can easily tuck it in anyone’s underwear and use it with partners of varying genitalia and parts, which is a great thing as you get to ultimately decide how you want to use it! The price is also reasonable and around the average for a rechargeable app operated toy. sent me the vibease in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for checking it out!

Tell me what you think. Would you listen to audiobooks to get off? Or would you want to take advantage of the other features like play with your partner?

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