Hello Friends, I’m so happy that you’re here,

I’m Aretha, and I use She/ They pronouns. I’m currently a student working on my Bachelors degree in Sociology and Gender Studies. I have a passion for comprehensive sex education and pleasure focused sexual experiences. I am a black queer person and I try to focus my writing on the intersections of my identities. I grew up with a very curious mind and very shameful ideas about sex and pleasure. So I’ve made it my mission to learn, teach and share information about sexuality, because I believe there should be no shame in it and the better informed you are the better your sex life. So please join me on this journey to better sex. I often write sex toy reviews, guides to changing up you sex life and relationships with yourself and with partners. I also always try¬† to recommend other places to find good information, because there are so many and I don’t know everything! I share my personal experiences with a hint of sarcasm along with advice that you may find useful, so take what you want out of it there are no rules. This is a sex positive, body celebrating, kink, and pleasure focused safe space, so no judgement. I welcome you to share your own experiences with me as well. People message me all the time with questions and I love to answer them so if you’re looking for a quick tip please feel free to email me on my contact page, or look me up on social media @blk_vibes and slide into those DMs. I truly believe life is about the energy and the vibes we put out into the world. We’re fueled by the energy that we receive back and I want my impact to be a positive one, so sit back and relax and enjoy the blkvibes.


34875709_244638382959216_9003118082327052288_oAretha She/ They.