Hello Friends!!!

Whether you know me personally or this is the first time you’ve even heard about me. I want us to be friends and I want to share my journey into sex education with you. I hope my muses entertain you and if you learn something in the process that’s all the better. My name is Aretha, I am black queer woman. I love to laugh, I love to learn and I am the queen of cheesy comments and unnecessary sarcasm. I’m all about feminism, sex positivity and the finding power of our own pleasure while learning to resist patriarchy. I currently work at a sex toy retailer and I’m building my sex toy collection slowly. Here you’ll find Reviews, muses about my life and tips and tricks I’ve learned and want to share. I believe life is about the vibes you put out into the world and the vibes you receive back and I want mine to be positive.  So sit back and relax. Soak in the good blk vibes.

IMG_1792Aretha. Pronouns : she/ her.