Blue Revue: Porn Festival

I went to my very first Porn festival! It was so much fun! Vue weekly's 8th annual Blue Revue "Edmonton's sexiest film festival". Hosted by Beau Creep and Kiki Quinn.  It's wasn't exactly as raunchy as it sounds. I would describe it more as a erotic film festival, but porn does sounds more fun. I... Continue Reading →

12 Things I’ve learned working in a Sex Shop

I started working at the Love Boutique a few months ago. I hoped that working there would be a way to gain some good experience on my way to becoming a sex educator, blogger, writer and whatever other endeavours I see fit. The shop I work at is in a busy mall and the traffic... Continue Reading →


Hello Howdy Welcome Friends, My name is Aretha. I am really bad at introducing myself and I think that's a good way to start. I'm 23 living in Canada. I am not currently a student, but I plan on going back to university to obtain my degree in Sociology. Anyway, along with an interest in... Continue Reading →

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