12 Things I’ve learned working in a Sex Shop

I started working at the Love Boutique a few months ago. I hoped that working there would be a way to gain some good experience on my way to becoming a sex educator, blogger, writer and whatever other endeavours I see fit. The shop I work at is in a busy mall and the traffic... Continue Reading →

Review: Non-Stick Willy Frying Pan

I figured I'd start off with something silly. My friends went on a trip to Iceland for a few days and didn't take me with them, but did bring me back a gift! Of course it had to be something from The Icelandic Phallological museum.  Penises everywhere! My gift was the "Willy Frying pan"! I... Continue Reading →


Hello Howdy Welcome Friends, My name is Aretha. I am really bad at introducing myself and I think that's a good way to start. I'm 23 living in Canada. I am not currently a student, but I plan on going back to university to obtain my degree in Sociology. Anyway, along with an interest in... Continue Reading →

Don’t touch my hair. 

Have you listened to Solange's "Don't touch my hair". The whole album "A Seat at the table" is a masterpiece. It's everything I didn't realize I needed. It's made me really think about a lot that of things I ignore often. "Don't touch my hair."is a song that hits home hard. People touch my hair... Continue Reading →

Dear 2017

Dear 2017, I'm so happy that you're finally here, because it makes me feel optimistic. I don't know what's in store for me, but I'm hopeful that you're full of positivity and happiness. I believe I've kicked myself off to a good start and I wish to maintain this momentum. I have amazing friends that... Continue Reading →

Thank you for your Love

Dear friend, I know you've had a hard life. It's hard to believe because I know all you've wanted is love. When we met you were a mess and I can't say that's I liked you very much our interactions were short and few and far between. You were matted and smelled of strange substances.... Continue Reading →

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